About Us

Kinetic Fabrication Studio

“Kinetic Fabrication Studio” is the first specialist in kinetic structure production in Iran. Our specialty is to produce a range of Smart, interactive, synchronized and precision-guided kinetic structures for all kinds of events like art galleries, interior displays, stage shows, and much more.

Our team

KFab Studio’s team consists of highly educated and trained graduates from some of the best universities in Iran in different fields like Engineering, Electronics, Architecture and so on.

Modares Science and Technology Park

“Kinetic Fabrication Studio” is a member of Modares Science and Technology Park. The MSTP’s strategic plan is to create more than 4000 high-tech and knowledge-based jobs from innovative and entrepreneurial ideas within next 10 years.

Our Associates and Customers

Four Mind Advertising Agency
Modares Science & Technology Park
Sana Shopping Center
Tehran Beautification Organization
Vartan Bookcity